Monthly Archive: March 2015

Mar 21

Episode 7 – Ramen Noodles (A Cult Classic)

Gavin eats ramen noodles for the first time while Brandon verbally assaults him with increasingly disturbing sexual metaphors, tardigrades are everywhere, and Jennifer returns to let the world know she’s a free-agent in the cult circuit and judge a contraceptive-themed round of ‘Reinventing the Wheel’. ____________________________________________________________________ Download in MP3 Format by Right clicking the following …

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Mar 14

Episode 6 – An English Gentry

Poet laureate** Gentry Elton of the King’s Arm Hotel in Amersham, England rains random poetry on the Sweet Potato Factory, lobbies for alcohol-infused drinking water, proclaims hotel manager “Jack” to be god, and threatens our sponsors. NOT TO BE MISSED THIS EPISODE: A piss-themed round of “Reinventing the Wheel” ** A poet officially appointed by …

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