Monthly Archive: August 2015

Aug 26

Episode 13 – The Gay Bar Mitzvah

Last week listeners were encouraged to Email, Tweet, Facebook, or otherwise gently massage Gavin and Brandon’s sight glands with textual intercourse. Based on the amount of responses, it’s safe to say the guys were grammatically gang-banged by fans all across the globe. The good news is they rubbed a little epsom salt on their sore …

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Aug 19

Episode 12 – Kerby N’ Coke

White Anthony’s bride-to-be (Kerby) warms our guest spot this week where we explore the treacherous complexities of impersonating your significant other, receiving a compliment when you’re as pretty and talented as Gavin Bloom, and how to make women love you by making them cry. But mostly we spend a lot of time discussing the pros …

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Aug 10

Episode 11 – Champion of WTF

Internationally infamous musician Ricky Champion trades the safety of Witness Protection to promote his U.S. “tour”, perform a few songs live in-studio, lower the share value of Starbucks stock, and inadvertently test our loyalty to show producer Angela Muffett for booking him. Our number one fan and winner of the “Eat Up Dat Sweet Potato” …

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