Monthly Archive: January 2017

Jan 10

Episode 17.5 – Podlet

Tang will cure what ails you, poor people Kool-Aid is tart, Gavin wants to do psychedelic drugs, and squirting is pee… unless you like squirting, in which case it’s totally not pee. HPP presses ‘record’ outside of the studio once again to give listeners another fly-on-the-wall experience in this podlet where Brandon definitely uses the …

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Jan 03

Episode 17 – 2016 Year in Review

Hatred for 2016 is the new “Thanks Obama”, fear mongering is the new black, and using your gawdamned turn signal shouldn’t be something new at all. It’s HPP’s annual Year in Review episode where we’ll tell you why the past twelve months weren’t ALL bad… that is if you can hear this podcast over the …

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