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Jan 10

Episode 17.5 – Podlet

Tang will cure what ails you, poor people Kool-Aid is tart, Gavin wants to do psychedelic drugs, and squirting is pee… unless you like squirting, in which case it’s totally not pee. HPP presses ‘record’ outside of the studio once again to give listeners another fly-on-the-wall experience in this podlet where Brandon definitely uses the …

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Jan 03

Episode 17 – 2016 Year in Review

Hatred for 2016 is the new “Thanks Obama”, fear mongering is the new black, and using your gawdamned turn signal shouldn’t be something new at all. It’s HPP’s annual Year in Review episode where we’ll tell you why the past twelve months weren’t ALL bad… that is if you can hear this podcast over the …

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Dec 29

Episode 16.5 – Podlet

Gavin’s arch gym nemesis wears a slutty tank top, LA Fitness employees act like strippers during manager’s hours, Jennifer learns there’s such things as ugly vaginas, every guy watches porn, every human services themselves, and Pinterest is punny. Get pumped for your New Year’s Resolutions with this unintentionally fitness themed HPP Podlet recorded on the …

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Nov 08

Episode 16 – Sound the Trumpettes! feat. Comedian Tony B.

Rising comedian and HPP Special Guest Tony B. sits down with us to find out what makes retired Arizona resident and full time Donald Trump supporter Leonard Bisselbraugh tick. One part social commentary and three parts song, this episode would be destined for Broadway if Mr. Bisselbraugh didn’t wholeheartedly believe that musicals only exist to …

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Nov 17

Episode 15 – DTC Rocks Phoenix

Fresh off a TSA pat down, international Hardcore Metal icon and Boise native Guy Rog stops in to guest host this episode of The HPP. Guy talks about Canadian stardom, controlling all situations, the pitfalls of the Egg McMuffin diet, and shares some face melting cuts from his band’s upcoming self-titled album “Detroit Thunder Cunt”. …

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Oct 05

Episode 14 – Jake Gigolo

Professional Wrestler “Juicy…?” Jake Gigolo and his manager Gorgeous Gally Garvin stop by to promote Mr. Gigolo’s controversial main event match against Linda “The Meter Maid” Johnson as part of the ‘Sold Out Sweet Ass Summer Smickity-Smack’ at the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit Michigan. All proceeds from sponsored interest in this episode were donated to …

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Aug 26

Episode 13 – The Gay Bar Mitzvah

Last week listeners were encouraged to Email, Tweet, Facebook, or otherwise gently massage Gavin and Brandon’s sight glands with textual intercourse. Based on the amount of responses, it’s safe to say the guys were grammatically gang-banged by fans all across the globe. The good news is they rubbed a little epsom salt on their sore …

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Aug 19

Episode 12 – Kerby N’ Coke

White Anthony’s bride-to-be (Kerby) warms our guest spot this week where we explore the treacherous complexities of impersonating your significant other, receiving a compliment when you’re as pretty and talented as Gavin Bloom, and how to make women love you by making them cry. But mostly we spend a lot of time discussing the pros …

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Aug 10

Episode 11 – Champion of WTF

Internationally infamous musician Ricky Champion trades the safety of Witness Protection to promote his U.S. “tour”, perform a few songs live in-studio, lower the share value of Starbucks stock, and inadvertently test our loyalty to show producer Angela Muffett for booking him. Our number one fan and winner of the “Eat Up Dat Sweet Potato” …

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Jul 05

Episode 10 – Nothing is More American Than Svetlana

Seventh generation American entrepreneur Vladislov Hizgotikoff visits the Huge Powers studio with his lady friend Svetlana in tow. ____________________________________________________________________ Download in MP3 Format by Right clicking the following link and selecting “Save Link As…” : Episode 10 – Nothing is More American Than Svetlana

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