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Jun 18

Episode 9 – Elbows Out

Gavin discovers soft-core Cabo, the guys acknowledge and subsequently condemn the latest trend in posing for pictures, Revenge porn is bad, Lori Petty is awesome, Gavin loves Jennifer Lawrence but hasn’t seen her naked, Brandon’s friends and family practice guerrilla PORN-fare, and every parent on the planet is offended by this week’s “Reinventing the Wheel”. …

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Jun 04

Episode 8 – All That JZZ feat. guest host David Shelton

Local radio host David Shelton tackles co-hosting duties in the long anticipated return of the HPP. In this episode we redefine sarcasm, verbally assault a new sponsor, repeatedly explore changes in time and weather, sample two new Oreo flavors, and play an especially fragrant round of “Reinventing the Wheel”. ____________________________________________________________________ Download in MP3 Format by …

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Mar 21

Episode 7 – Ramen Noodles (A Cult Classic)

Gavin eats ramen noodles for the first time while Brandon verbally assaults him with increasingly disturbing sexual metaphors, tardigrades are everywhere, and Jennifer returns to let the world know she’s a free-agent in the cult circuit and judge a contraceptive-themed round of ‘Reinventing the Wheel’. ____________________________________________________________________ Download in MP3 Format by Right clicking the following …

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Mar 14

Episode 6 – An English Gentry

Poet laureate** Gentry Elton of the King’s Arm Hotel in Amersham, England rains random poetry on the Sweet Potato Factory, lobbies for alcohol-infused drinking water, proclaims hotel manager “Jack” to be god, and threatens our sponsors. NOT TO BE MISSED THIS EPISODE: A piss-themed round of “Reinventing the Wheel” ** A poet officially appointed by …

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Feb 28

Episode 5 – Beer Talk

Jennifer drinks a Seagram’s glow stick, White Anthony schools us on craft beer, Brandon hates wine, and Gavin finds the act of raising a beer bottle exhausting. Other topics include the dangers of vacationing in Mexico, Johnny Depp, how the original Fast and the Furious movie shaped our formative years, and canine flatulence. ____________________________________________________________________ Download …

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Feb 21

Episode 4 – The Deeds Feat. Angelina

Comedian and budding improv star Angelina Deeds swings by to talk about her impending return to stand up, how to quit a job in spectacular fashion, being denied club entry based on her Caucasian heritage, and assists in helping Brandon and Gavin track down the culprit behind the worldwide hairy bush epidemic. Stick around kids, …

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Feb 14

Episode 3 – A Little Sugar & Spice Girls (Valentine’s Day 2015)

We begin with a very important Public Service Announcement. From there, it’s all about love on the most loviest; lovingly; loving; love day EVER! Spice Girls, Jarred: Independent Representative of The Spice Girls Fan Club; President, Jennifer doesn’t say much, Red Velvet Oreo Cookies complete with a very awkward tasting ceremony, Gavin has NEVER tried …

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Jan 31

Episode 2 – Super Bowl Special Feat. Satriani Holmes & White Anthony

Motivational speaker Satriani Holmes swings by on Super Bowl weekend to promote his three step (or was it four step…?) plan for rectifying the miserable existence and poor decision making abilities plaguing today’s youth. [ … and introducing White Anthony as himself. ] ____________________________________________________________________ Download in MP3 Format by Right clicking the following link and …

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Dec 13

Episode 1 – Gamer’s Retreat

PILOT EPISODE – Getting the poison out. In this episode we talk to Juliane and Kyle,Admins of the notorious “Gamer’s Retreat” Facebook Group. Group veteran Richie Beck also tags along as the experienced trolls connect with their nemesis, a former Gamer’s Retreat member. With over 8,000 active members Gamer’s Retreat is Troll Bootcamp for a …

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