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Episode 17.5 – Podlet

Episode 17 – 2016 Year in Review

Episode 16.5 – Podlet

Episode 16 – Sound The Trumpettes! Feat. Comedian Tony B.


Episode 15 – DTC Rocks Pheonix Feat. Guy Rog

Episode 14 – Jake Gigolo Feat. Gorgeous Gally Garvin and Jake Gigolo

Episode 13 – The Gay Bar Mitzvah Feat. Listener Mail

Episode 12 – Kerby N’ Coke

Episode 11 – Champion of WTF Feat. Ricky Champion

Episode 10 – Nothing is More American Than Svetlana Feat. Vladislov Hizgotikoff and Svetlana

Episode 9 – Elbows Out

Episode 8 – All That JZZ with Guest Host David Shelton

Episode 7 – Ramen Noodles (A Cult Classic)

Episode 6 – An English Gentry Feat. Gentry Elton

Episode 5 – Beer Talk Feat. White Anthony

Episode 4 – The Deeds Feat. Angelina

Episode 3 – A Little Sugar & Spice Girls (Valentine’s Day 2015)

Episode 2 – Super Bowl Special Feat. Satriani Holmes and White Anthony

Episode 1 – Gamer’s Retreat [ Removed by request of our guests – internet trolls who were too delicate to handle being trolled themselves ]

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